Create the outdoor lifestyle you have always dreamed of with a pool heating system designed to fit your needs. At POOL EHP we understand that every client has varying needs, budgets and pool setups, that’s why we offer a range of solar, heat pumps and gas heaters to help you get the most from your pool investment.

Solar Pool Heating

Double your swimming season with Solar Pool Heating. This highly efficient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution has been used in Australia for over 40 years and has become the nation’s most popular pool heating option. Installed on the roof of your house, solar pool heating consists of a series of tubes which capture the suns free energy and transfer it to the circulating pool water, doubling your swim season. At POOL EHP we supply and install only best-quality, Australian made solar pool heating systems that have a proven track record for quality and performance.

Rhino Solar®

Are you looking for the toughest rigid panel system in the World? Look no further! Rhino Solar® offers exceptional heating performance, durability and longevity with a 25-year limited warranty, including a 12-year cockatoo warranty*.


NanoTek® is ideal for those with limited roof space, or those seeking maximum heat output. Using high-tech Nano polymers and cutting-edge technology, NanoTek® allows you to enjoy the same heat output with 40% less coverage!

Ultimate Blue®

Are you looking for the latest in solar pool heating technology? Ultimate Blue® is leading the market in strip solar pool heating technology, offering improved durability and heating efficiency compared to standard single-material collectors.

Triple Black®

Triple Black® is a traditional, single-material collector that has proven itself under the harsh Australia sun for over 30 years. With its SRCC certification, Triple Black® has proven durability, tested integrity and certified performance.

Heat Pumps

Enjoy a comfortable swimming temperature with the latest heat pump solutions. Heat pumps use electricity draw warm air out of the atmosphere through compression and transference technology to heat your pool water. At POOL EHP we provide high quality heat pumps from Australia’s top brands, offering advanced inverter technology, high COP’s and reliable heating.

AstralPool Heat Pumps

We offer a range of AstralPool Heat Pumps including standard (on/off) and the new inverter technology pumps. The new inverter heat pumps offer exceptional COP compared to standard models, which greatly saves on energy and therefore running costs. Each heat pump has an optional WiFi module add-on, which allows you to monitor and set your pools temperature with your smartphone.

Insnrg Hi Heat Pumps

At POOL EHP we are dedicated to offering our clients the latest in innovation and heating technology. The Insnrg Hi Heat Pump is the only one available with Full-Inverter® Technology, allowing you to maximise your heating efficiency while minimising the heating costs. In fact, when operating at 50% the Hi Heat Pump achieves an average COP of 11, which halves the operating cost of a conventional heat pump. This essentially means that for every kW of power used, this Heat Pump produces up to 11 kW of heating for your pool! Thee modern design and interactive touch screen thermostat provide absolute control.

Oasis Heat Pumps

Oasis Heat Pumps have been a trusted name in the Australia pool market for over 30 years. Their inverter heat pumps are variable speed, meaning there is no inrush current. They speed up to 100% and when near the set temperature will slow down and in doing so are far more efficient than fixed speed units. They also have a quiet mode and come standard with Wi-Fi module for external control. The glass controller is easy to use and has a full diagnostic capability.

Gas Pool Heating

Quickly and easy heat your swimming pool or spa to a comfortable temperature with a gas pool heater. Gas heaters are ideal for people who don’t use their pool or spa daily, and just want to heat it as needed. They will perform in any climate, to ensure you have a reliable, consistent heating solution. We offer a range of gas heaters to suit your needs.

Viron eVo Gas Heater by AstralPool

This highly efficient gas heater can reduce operating costs by more than 20% over conventional gas heaters. Which also results in reduced green house gas emissions. The Viron gas heater is also designed to be 30% – 50% smaller than conventional gas heaters, saving valuable space. You can also integrate your Viron gas heater with an automation system which will provide full control anywhere your smart phone or tablet can connect to the internet.

Gi Gas Heater by Insnrg

The Gi Gas Heater might be small is size, but it packs a performance punch. Providing true “on demand” heating, the Gi Gas Heater can heat your pool in a little as 8 hours. Insnrg’s double row heat exchanger extracts more than 83% of the energy from the burner, making it one of the most efficient heaters on the market. Combined with a stainless steel expanded metal mesh burner and the compact Gi has less materials, resulting in minimal wasted heat which speeds up the heating process.

HiNRG Gas Heater by AstralPool

The HiNRG heater is a high performance, reliable and compact gas heater. Designed for rapid heat up of your swimming pool or spa, the HiNRG heater works well with modern variable speed pumps, even when they are set to low/eco speed. Available in three models (175, 250 and 400) this heater can be ordered for Natural Gas or LPG and has kilowatt equivalent outputs of 39 kW, 55kW or a massive 90 kW. Automation is possible to provide full control using your smartphone or tablet.

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