Experts in Pool Equipment, Heating and Plumbing

With over 15 years of experience in the pool industry, the team at POOL EHP specialise in helping customers get the most from their pool investment by providing the best-quality swimming pool equipment, heating and plumbing services in the greater Melbourne region.

We endeavour to supply only the best-quality pool equipment, heating and plumbing products from Australian manufacturers with a track record for quality and performance.

At POOL EHP we are experts in the design and installation of high-quality, innovative and energy efficient pool heating solutions. We consider your needs and budget, as well as the items power consumption, warranty and ongoing maintenance when recommending a product. We offer a range of brands from Australia’s leading manufacturers to ensure a pleasurable swimming experience.

Over our 15 years, we have dealt with a range of problematic plumbing situations and can offer expert advice, installation, repairs and maintenance. You can rely on POOL EHP for all your pool equipment, heating and plumbing needs.

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